Passionate about analog sound design, Urban Heat’s Jonathan Horstmann is developing a sound that is as fresh as it is full of nostalgia. The band’s synthwave-meets-proto-punk industrial gothic sound exists at the crossroads of man and machine, an unrelenting pulse slamming into the inherent imperfections of human performance. Horstmann sings of romanticism against the stark backdrop of the already-here machine future.

Along with multi-instrumentalists Kevin Naquin and Paxel Foley, Horstmann started releasing music as Urban Heat in late 2019. The band has found a following through social media, where Horstmann regularly shares song ideas and synth sketches with a community of like-minded synth music fans from around the world.

In early 2020 the band caught the attention of Brett Orrison, who, after spending years working with the likes of Jack White, Widespread Panic, and the Black Angels, decided to start his own independent label in the band’s hometown of Austin, TX. Urban Heat signed to Orrison's Spaceflight Records in February 2020 and began releasing singles under Spaceflight in April 2020.