Forever promoting belief in the transcendence of time and space, Golden Dawn Arkestra continues to experiment with a myriad of musical styles & genres, all the while remaining true to their expansive cinematic sound.

Since the advent of the digital age and streaming services most of us listen to musical genres in totally random sequences and yet bands have come to cling even more to their given genre. Not so with Golden Dawn Arkestra.

Produced by Walker Lukens, "Phenomenal" explores the psychedelic collective's mutual love of obscure electro funk and European disco. The forthcoming GDA album will explore bombastic synth bass sounds, banging beats and ecstatic melodic hooks.

Golden Dawn Arkestra’s front man Topaz McGarrigle spent time during the pandemic demoing songs that speak to the human condition; diverging from the interstellar messaging of previous albums while the world battled a new contagious virus, mass social unrest, as well as the spiritual and emotional repercussions of both. “Phenomenal” conveys the feeling of isolation and longing for human touch that comes from communicating with the world solely via digital platforms. Still “Phenomenal” explodes with joy and happiness because we are alive, we are unique, and life is ultimately wonderful.