“DOSSEY…serves a joyous banquet of roséwave electro-pop — the kind of earworms that, given the right push, can dominate pop-radio playlists for entire summers,” NPR, The Austin 100

DOSSEY is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Austin, Texas.

Her energetic brand of alt pop was launched into the public consciousness with the feature of her 80s synth pop earworm, Heartbeats, by none other than NPR’s All Songs Considered, who touted her as one of 100 artists to see at SXSW in 2019. Soon after, her collaboration with Canadian EDM producer Disero, Better Run, debuted on Spotify’s official “All New Indie,” “Indie Radar,” and “New Music '' playlists.

In 2020, Dossey stayed busy, sustaining radio play by 101X, as well as song of the day and spins by KUTX. In December of that year, her nu-disco track, “This Feeling” was named the #10 song of the year by John Laird at 101x Homegrown, and the music video for “Someone to Love” received a Video of the Year nomination for the Austin Music Awards.

DOSSEY has honed her undeniable sound on-stage and in-studio, marrying her adoration for funky 70s Nile Rodgers guitar licks, soaring disco melodies, modern synth pop rhythms and unusual samples. This effort has created an infectiously fushia and sequin-soaked, hook-filled world for her followers, who are hungry for a deeper, edgier and romantic archetype of pop.