The combination of cowboy boots, country music, and LSD is a time-honored tradition in Austin and singer/songwriter Chris Catalena is doing his damndest to keep it going. Born and raised in Central Texas, Catalena found himself on the wrong side of the law as a teenager which earned him a lengthy stay at one of our state’s beautiful penitentiaries. He literally turned 21 in prison. To make up for the lost time, Chris jumped headfirst into the heady psych-rock scene of the early 2000s. First crashing with The Black Angels and eventually Brian Jonestown Massacre where he found the support he needed to record his first album. Since then, it’s been one big road trip with occasional stops at the family ranch to help his grandmother. It was these visits that helped Chris slow down and gather material for his upcoming self titled album out this November via Spaceflight Records. Inspired by John Prine, Kris Kristofferson, and Grandma Frances, his self-titled new album explores traditional country music themes with just enough weird detours to hint at his psych-rock roots. Chris Catalena is currently holed up in L.A. - KUTX, Austin, Texas