Calliope Musicals exist in multiple mind-bending dimensions. The larger-than-life psychedelic pop collective, led by Carrie Fussell, wows concertgoers with a blast of interactive secondhand glam and woos music listeners alike with invigorating avant-garde anthems. Standouts amongst their Austin, TX peers, Calliope Musicals were hailed by NPR as a “perennial SXSW favorite”. As Fussell sums up the group: “We came from space. We’re all going to die".

Calliope Musicals’ latest project is slated for release in Spring 2021 via Spaceflight Records.

Calliope Musicals believe in you. Long ago, they peaked out of the window and saw the tiny trail of light signaling your arrival. They were certain of nothing else; it was the potential for your infinite expansion that fed them melodies that would inspire and soothe you and speak to the toothiest parts of your soul. Texture, poetry, color: billboards for all of your senses to ensure you got the message. Now you're here, tangled in an unending straddle of your spirit and your skin, and this song is for you.